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April 24, 2024

Tournament Info

Current Tournament Schedule

10-Ball Open Saturday May 11th 11:30 AM

10-Ball Handicapped Saturday June 8th 11:30 AM

8-Ball Open Sunday July 7th 12 PM

8-Ball Handicapped Saturday August 3rd 11:30

9-Ball Open Saturday September 7th 11:30

April 2, 2024

New division option

3 Player Lagger's Choice Sundays.


Max FargoRate 1800


Round Robin Rotation, every player plays each other

8, 9 and 10-Ball.

Substitutes allowed with any active Blue Ridge BCA member. Option to schedule matches if needed.

$11 p/p p/match

$25 Yearly Sanction (Due every January), this counts for all divisions you don't have to pay unless you are new to the League.

April 2, 2024

2024 Scotch Doubles summer Session pay outs

2024 Scotch Doubles Summer Session
9 Teams 18 Players. 16 Weeks (2 weeks are byes)

Total Estimated Pay out: $2304

Top 5 teams

1st $1,152

2nd $737

3rd $415


March 31, 2024

2024 summer Session pay outs

2024 Singles Summer Session
27 Players

Total Estimated Pay out: $2802

Under 400 - 5 players

1st $310
2nd $198
3rd $112


400-500 - 14 Players
1st $575
2nd $368
3rd $207


500+ - 8 Players
1st $516
2nd $330
3rd $186


Time is running out join now.

March 29, 2024

2024 summer player counts

As of March 29th

Current Singles Count is 27 players for 2024 Summer Session. Last date to register is Sunday March 31st. The session will start the second week of April. We can still use more lower rank players to fill out a proper 300-400 bracket. We try to run 3 brackets for End of Session Tournaments. 300-400, 400-500, and 500+. Each bracket has the potential to win money.


Thursday Doubles is at 9 teams 18 players with a couple alternates. We are only able to secure 4 tables, 2 9ft and 2 7ft, so we are full on Thursday Doubles.

Any sanctioned player in other divisions (i.e. Singles) can also be substitutes for Doubles or any other division.

March 9, 2024

2024 summer player counts

As of March 25th

Current Singles Count is 21 players for 2024 Summer Session


Current Doubles Count is 7 teams and 14 players. 

Last day to register for both is March 31st.

Upcoming Changes to Singles Format For next session


1. The weekly fee has increased to $11 per match. The new total is $143 for 13 weeks.

2. We are only allocated three 9 foot tables. If there are 3 BCA matches going on the 9 foots then you will have to wait for one to open or play on a 7 foot.

3. In the spirit of BCA World Championship we are moving from a winner breaks to alternate break format.

4. Reminder that the second Sunday of each month is woman's APA, please do not attempt to play on this day until after 5 PM.

5. We are now able to use the BCA scoring app, you would use the same login as the FargoRate, if you don't have an account setup then go to FargoRate or download the app. Setup an account and search for your FargoRate # then claim it. Once you have the account setup download the BCA scoring app. This link has a walkthrough on how to use it:

Only one player needs to submit the score. All the games must be entered before the "submit" button will show up. Once submitted the results are immediately available on the LMS site.

As an alternative you can still use the Singles Scoring sheet.

6. Everyone wanting to play in the session must either email, contact John Moore, or submit another Join google form

7. You must submit your Sanction fee of $25 (if not already paid for this year).

March 8, 2024

Doubles Division FOrming

Doubles Division now Forming! 

Format 8-Ball

Go to Resources and use the "Doubles Signup Form", also you will see a link to the Format details.

Tournament alert

Please see our Fabeook page for upcoming details of BRBCA Tournaments


May 14, 2023

SPRING 2023 playoffs

Save the dates for playoffs: Saturday June 17th @ 11:30am (500 & over bracket) & Saturday June 24th @ 11:30am (both under 400 & 400-499 bracket)

Top three for each bracket will win money $$. Every prize is more money than dues were for the WHOLE session. 


New Singles Session Announcement

A new session is among us. The session will be starting the week of July 11th! The session will consist of 13 weeks. Hit join below if you are interested in playing. $25 membership dues will be due once per year and each match is $10.  


June 20 2021

singles schedule posted


-Default play location is Fat Cat’s Billiards, if both players agree they can play anywhere, but the fees at other venues will be on your own dime.


-We will be utilizing FaceBook Messenger and group texting to communicate schedules, if you have not friended me on FaceBook make sure you are in the FaceBook Group Blue Ridge BCA. You will start to see text messages from me with grouped messages with your opponent.


-You will need to schedule with your opponent, the only restrictions in scheduling is times when APA is actively playing or they are full (Monday and Friday nights are not available). We do have a 2 week window in case others decide to join, this can affect the schedule. This will require ALL of you to communicate with each other, I will facilitate but once you have your opponents contact information it’s up to both of you to work out a time.


-You can schedule all of your matches in advance and play them whenever you want, there should be no or very little hardships.


-All fees are due by the end of the week it’s scheduled (on Saturday). You can pay in advance with cash (preferred) or by using PayPal ( I can meet with you to collect fees. If you have a bye week you do not owe fees for that week. I am considering adding an extra point to every that pays in advance for the full session.


-We did not get BCApl sanctioned, we came up 7 players short, therefore FargoRate is not in effect. I am going to try to use LMS for scheduling and score keeping, this may change at a later date. If we can get the additional 7 players then we will need to collect $20 per player to pay for sanctioning.


-Format is Lagger’s choice, 8, 9,or 10-Ball, race to 7. If you and your opponent agree you can play whatever game type you want, otherwise, it’s up to the winner of the lag. If you play 1-pocket then set the race to 3, I will work out the points. Rack  your own and winner breaks. See the CSI official rules on all rules of each game type. CSI/BCA is significantly different from APA. See the link on the resources tab for BCApl 8-Ball differences. 9-Ball is all slop. 10-Ball is called, 10-ball on break is not a win and gets spotted. Cue ball fouls only.


-Template racks are allowed but you must allow your opponent use of the same rack if they request it.


-Keep track of each game won and any break and runs. Utilize the Singles score entry on the website (or direct link to the Google Form) to fill out after the game ends. Each player must submit the form, no exceptions! This will allow for consistency and cross checking.


-This is a point based handicap system, see the link in resources for how it works.


-Ask questions! Don’t be afraid to contact me if you have questions or concerns.



last session payouts

Congratulations to our Summer 2023 winners! (500 & over) Marc Rochester, Tim Williams, and Ryan Hollingsworth  (400-499) Bernhard Koch/Nathan Stewart and James Owen (under 400) Anthony Burleson, Rickie Fowler, and Bradley Rhodes