BCApl Vs APA rules

Call Shots

BCA: Yes, call shot (ball and pocket only) on all balls

APA: No, all slop except the 8

8 on the break

BCA: Breaker has option to re-rack or 8 get's spotted and continues to shoot.

APA: Breaker wins

Scratch on shooting the 8

BCA: Make the 8 lose, don't make the 8 it is spotted and opponent has ball in hand

APA: Lose game

Table after break

BCA: Make a ball table is open, all balls neutral except the 8.

APA: Take what you make

Legal Break

BCA: Four balls must hit a rail, or it's a foul. Incoming player has option to continue shooting or re-rack and has option to allow opponent break or take the break. No ball in hand.


APA: If a ball isnt pocketed and four balls (not counting the cue ball) don't touch a rail, its a re-rack. Repeat until there's a legal break or the breaker fouls, at which time the other player breaks. No limit. break until they make a legal break or scratch on an otherwise non-legal break

Scratch on Break

BCA: Ball in hand anywhere

APA: Opponent shoots from kitchen

Ball off the table

BCA: Is a foul and doesn't get spotted (unless it's the 9-ball in 9-ball) (8-ball off table is a loss in 8-ball)

APA: spot ball, no foul

Accidently move object ball

BCA: Opponent has the option to leave it in current position or return to previous position. Cue ball only fouls
APA: Must be moved back by opponent to original position, opponent has option for shooter to move back.

Call safe on made ball

BCA: Yes, opponent shoots

Jump Cues

BCA: Yes on all games

APA: No, except for masters